Pete Olver


Personal Side of Pete
  • Born and raised on a farm north of Peterborough
  • Second youngest of 8 siblings
  • Married to Susan since September 1973
  • Parents to 3 married sons with 9 grandchildren
Professional Side of Pete
  • Post secondary education at University of Waterloo and 3 years at Ontario Bible College
  • Worked in a research lab in Toronto and a teacher/counsellor in a missions agency
  • Over 23 years self employed in the financial services industry
  • Started with Kettle Creek Weddings in 2011
Passionate Side of Pete
  • I love to run. I have ran competitively for over 30 years
  • I enjoy gardening, reading and travel
  • People
  • I love to encourage, challenge and inspire people to be better than they were yesterday
  • If you aren't pouring your life into others, it might just be a waste.